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What is a Meat Raffle?

Posted on Mar 28, 2016

What is a Meat Raffle and why should you join us?

Well, it’s pretty simple: it’s a raffle and the prizes are locally-sourced, prime cuts of meat, with proceeds being donated to a local land cooperative.

So the big question is “How would winning a porkchop be any fun?”

Here are our top 5 reasons why we are looking forward to our upcoming meat raffle and New Belgium beer pairing dinner on Thursday, April 21:


The History:  The origins of the meat raffle are both mysterious and a storied tradition; part of the Midwestern culture with roots dating back to World War II.  When food was rationed during times of war, cuts of meat were a valued prize and often raffled off in local pubs. Meat raffles have also been a charitable gambling game, raising money for local charities.

The Cause: All proceeds from the raffle ticket sales will go directly to Poudre Valley Community Farms, a land cooperative that strives to keep soil in agriculture and  local food accessible here in Northern Colorado.

The Meat Itself: MotherLove Farm will be donating  an organically raised pig from Fort Collins to benefit the Poudre Valley Community Farms.

The Excitement: Nothing could be more exciting than winning a raffle and bringing home the bacon! The evening will be fun and lively.

The People: It brings friends, families, neighbors, and the community together for good food, good drink, and a good cause. The farmers from Native Hill, brewers from New Belgium, and the Head Chef of The Kitchen will be the hosts of the evening: mingling and dining with everyone!

Call (970)568-8869 today to reserve your seat at our New Belgium Dinner on April 21. Space limited.